Spring Spruce-Up-Your-Front Door Campaign

March 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

ImageYour front door says more about you than you know. Who lives behind this front door?

Someone who appreciates simplicity (look at the actual door –besides the wreath, there is not one embellishment) and architectural drama (check out the Corinthian columns and the heavy layers of molding on the portico).

The person who lives here also has ties to culture (a Moravian star pendant hangs above the door) and a sense of humor (the three little silver starfish on the wreath are so cute!).

The homeowner’s color sensibilities are subtle and elegant (the understated cream siding blends effortlessly with the soft, light sage door color).

The overall impression is eye-popping as you drive by. This house is tiny (I assure you) but the entry speaks volumes.

What does your front door say about YOU?

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