It’s the House Color, Not Your Dining Room Curtains

February 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

brownhouseSometimes the best house color is one you might skip right over in the fan deck. Like this one: most likely Ben Moore’s Livingston Gold HC-16, a dark mustard-like brown with a definite green undertone. The kind of color you don’t want to see if you’re feeling queazy.

Although you probably would not choose this color for an interior room (for the reasons mentioned above), what a great house color for this old farmhouse with attached garage in natural cedar shakes. The combo is terrific — earthy, aged, and plucked from nature’s rock and wood palette of colors.

I slammed on the brakes to take a photo.

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§ 2 Responses to It’s the House Color, Not Your Dining Room Curtains

  • Funny, that is exactly the sort of color I would choose for the interior. 😉 Well, the exterior, too.

  • Barbara Meglis says:

    Hi Decorum DIYer! I would put you in the Sophisticated Color Selector category — I’m sure you know your way around the color wheel and the ins-and-outs of undertones. Thanks for your comment!

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