Inspirations from the French Countryside

July 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Traveling south of Paris into the French countryside really gives you a feel for how the French live. The quiet little town of Montgeron with its hilly one-way streets, gated driveways, and modest stucco and stone homes, is nestled far enough away from the city to give the town an identity of its own. Gone are the wrought iron railings and the bustling sidewalk cafes of the city. We’re in the quiet part of France where people still buy their daily breads, meats, and vegetables, but tend to live¬†simpler lives tucked safely behind walls.

The public gardens are beautifully tended, kind of a smaller version of the Paris jardins, and the French details like the flowers on the light post are evident. Walking through the neighborhoods conjures up a lifestyle that many of us busy Americans (at least those of us just outside major cities) left all too long ago. It’s no wonder the French live so long!

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