Contemporary Color Scheme

January 7, 2010 § 5 Comments

This contemporary home maintains its warm curb appeal even in the snowy winter months. It looks like the homeowner started with the fabulous stonework on the chimney and gable area and selected the siding and trim colors out of that. The dark rich chestnut shade is perfect for the body of this large contemporary home. When you are selecting a color for your home, don’t shy away from strong colors, especially if your home is large. Just make sure you choose a color that appears somewhere in nature so that the house fits into the neighborhood. With new construction, you can also work in the window color and the deck stain so that everything coordinates. Even the post light style picks up the pattern in the windows. Nice job! Let’s hope these homeowners have a sizeable snowblower! Yikes.

§ 5 Responses to Contemporary Color Scheme

  • margauxhf says:

    Definitely an impressive color scheme. It looks like a wonderful warm retreat from the bitter weather.

  • Heather says:

    Recently we moved from the deep south to WV/PA border. The amount of dead brown and snow is mind boggling to me.

    Last year I really struggled with the winter blues…but THIS idea of strong colors is the KEY to surviving…when nothing else seems to be alive.

    I love this concept.

    • bmeglis says:

      Hi Heather,

      Yes, I’m glad you agree. Color, both inside and out, can really help your mood!

      Your Home & Color Coach

  • meliza says:

    Hi Barbara

    I recently came across your website and hope you can provide assistance with my home. I will be remodeling the entire space but can not decide on a color palette. The residence has a combined living room/dining room which communicates with kitchen via counter. The colors I currently have are soft buttery yellow on the walls, white trim, terracotta floors in combined living/dining area, pine furniture and deep caramel brown leather sofas. Master bedroom/bath has blue accents, the office/bath has moss green, the living/dining has deep burgundy while the kitchen uses cobalt blue. The bathrooms, floors (bedrooms, kitchen and baths) and kitchen are being remodeled with furniture to be pine wood. I feel that my home currently does not have a calming, cohesive look that I hope to have after the remodel. Could you please advise what your rate wld be to provide colors for my condo?

    Thank you,

    • bmeglis says:

      Hi Meliza,

      I would be happy to help you come up with a calm cohesive color scheme for your home. Although I charge $20 for an interior room on the blog, I can certainly help get you started and if you’d like a more extensive consultation involving more back-and-forth, we can work off-line via email ( is the better email for large photos).

      Let me know how you’d like to proceed. If you use the blog, just include a photo link in the Reply/Comment box.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog!

      Your Home & Color Coach

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