Choosing the Perfect Green for your House Color

June 11, 2007 § 11 Comments

Green is nature’s most prominent color, at least in the spring and summer, and it makes a wonderful color for your house. The challenge is to find the right green, something that appears in nature, does not conjure up images of either toothpaste or lime koolaid, and does not stick out like a sore green thumb. The house at right is somewhere between sage and olive and it definitely works with the landscape around it. The house color does not pop out of the neighborhood and it appears thoughtfully selected.

The house below would be better suited for a more tropical locale, perhaps Key West, where the bright seafoam greens and the sun and fun culture set the landscape’s palette. If you live someplace other than a tropical climate and maybe Southern California, stick with the grayed down shades when selecting a green for your house to blend best with the landscape. Benjamin Moore’s Louisburg green (HC-113), Nantucket gray (HC-111), and Saybrook sage (HC-114) are earthy greens that make terrific house colors.

§ 11 Responses to Choosing the Perfect Green for your House Color

  • Jacquie says:

    Hi Kathy,

    My house color is benjamin moore briarwood grey with black shutters. I am looking for the perfect shade of green for the door and I painted it tate olive but I think it is too dark. Any advise?

  • bmeglis says:

    Hi Jacquie,

    You didn’t mention your trim color, but if it’s white or off-white, I like the idea of sticking with a shiny black door. Then add color with accessories: wreaths, pots, furniture, etc. The tate olive looks a little too olivey (big surprise) to go with the taupey gray of the briarwood.

    But if you do like green, try a dusty green that has some gray in it. Something like carolina gull 2138-40. That will give you a soft blended look.

    See what you think.

    Your Home & Color Coach

  • Mark says:


    We have live in a white stucco house built in 1914 that badly needs repainting. The stucco was originally bright white with very bright green trim. We would like an updated look but within the same general scheme. Our roof is green, so that limits us.

    Do you have any suggestions?


  • bmeglis says:

    Hi Mark (#5),

    Check out the Ben Moore historical palette of wonderful soft and tasteful lighter greens. You’ll find one there that could go on the stucco and move the white to the trim. One option. With a green roof, you’ll want some separation between roof and stucco and the white should do that nicely.

    Hope that helps.

    Your Home & Color Coach

  • dot48 says:

    Hello, I hope you can help me. We are purchasing a house that has beige colored vinyl siding, it has a metal green roof (so this can’t be changed) .. currently the shutters are painted the same green as the roof and the foundation is standard cinderblock that is also painted the same green as the roof. There is a concrete porch which is open style with 4 white column round posts. The windows are white vinyl so they can’t be painted and the trim on the house is also white metal ..

    What colors could I paint the foundation block and the shutters all the while having to keep the green metal roof …

  • bmeglis says:

    Hi dot48 (#7),

    I suggest leaving the shutters as is to tie the roof in with the house. Then paint the foundation the same color as your concrete porch — grayish tan or whatever color it is. That will tie everything together.

    Your Home & Color Coach

  • dot48 says:

    Thanks bmeglis! Will post p.ictures

  • NPhillips says:

    Can you also recommend any other exterior paint colors (taupe-gray) that look great with black shutters and white trim? I’m thinking of going with Briarwood but I’m not sure…. Thx

  • bmeglis says:

    Hi Noelle (#10),

    You might consider a slightly warmer gray, like Ashley (HC-87) or a greener gray like Rockport gray (HC-105). The Briarwood is fine, but it’s a little cold with the black and white. See what you think.

    Your Home & Color Coach

  • winnie says:

    Hi! I will paint the whole house from roof to inside. I am planning to paint terra cotta color for the roof and very light or soft shade of green. do u think the color will not clash? or what color would be better for the roof? And is it ok to color every rooms with different colors? master bedroom will be soft green.guest room is cinnamon spice color and the other room is very light purple. and the kitchen is very cool blue, like ocean blue and white. Do u think, it dont look funny that he house is like a rainbow? but the living room will be cream and ceiling white. and bathroom is light pink. Please advice me if I am putting too much colors in the house. Thanks.

    • bmeglis says:

      Hi winnie,

      There’s really no such thing as too much color if you love it, but there are a few tricks to pulling the whole look together. Terra cotta and green are fine for the exterior palette. Now for the inside: Your bedrooms can be any color really as long as 1) they’re not seen from the public area, like the living room; and 2) you’re not trying to sell your house. (If you are trying to sell, then write me back because I’ll have far different things to tell you.) So go ahead with the green, cinnamon, and light purple for the bedrooms. And as long as the bathrooms are not visible from the front door, they’re okay to paint any color you want as well.

      The public spaces (the main part of your house: the living room/dining area, kitchen, front entry, and any porch or family room) all need to “flow.” And it sounds like you plan cream for the living room (that’s fine) and light blue for the kitchen. Just pull some light blue into the living room (and maybe some of the other colors in your overall palette) with pillows for the furniture and artwork. Since the living room is cream, adding more colors by way of accessories will serve to pull together your entire house and give guests a preview of the rainbow of colors found elsewhere.

      Sounds like a happy house. Enjoy painting!

      Your Home & Color Coach

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