Let’s Talk About Color: Red

May 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

redkitchenafterstage.jpgPersonally, I can’t live without red. To me, it generates a warmth and energy that every home needs. At least to some degree. And the right red looks great with woods and white and just about everything. Ben Moore’s moroccan red has a hint of orange in it that adds spice to a kitchen backsplash or a breakfast nook and even makes old golden oak cabinets look revived. Confederate red has a pinker tone and is perfect for a dining room. Nothing stimulates lively conversation and dining like the glow of candlelight off red dining room walls. I know it’s been done before, but there’s a reason for that. Red walls work.

Red does give off a lot of energy, however, so if you want a restful bedroom, I would avoid red walls there unless you’re a kid or a teenager. My son’s walls are a dark red-orange with big red dots and a golden yellow ceiling. Just painting the room raised my blood pressure a bit, but he loves it! And it is definitely cheerful. I cooled the room down with black and white striped pillows on his bed and a big blue beanbag chair.

If you can’t stand the thought of red walls in your home or if you just don’t have enough light to make them work, try red as an accent color. With green as its compliment, red makes the greens greener. Red accents warm up a blue and white room, add drama to a neutral color scheme, and look terrific with red’s warm analogous colors like yellow and orange.  

If you do paint your walls red, just make sure you add enough white in the room to balance the scheme and reflect light. Go ahead. Spice it up a bit. Try red.

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