Let’s Talk About Color: Orange

May 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

office.jpgOrange is a terrific color for stimulating creativity and enthusiasm. That’s why my office walls are orange. I find that paired with dark woods and lots of white, orange walls are like a sunrise in the morning and a sunset at night. And whereas red can be dark, orange is always bright and cheerful.  Blue-green is orange’s complementary color so the two make a very dramatic pair.  Turquoise, light blue, and green (all cool colors) balance the heat of the orange and look great as accessories.

For a really spectacular orange, try Sunset Boulevard (#082) by Benjamin Moore. Use it as a backsplash in a kitchen, an accent wall in a family room, or any place where you would like a splash of bright, sunny color.

The real key to painting your walls a bright, clear color value, as opposed to a grayed-down shade, is to use a lot of white, either in the trim or with furniture and accessories. White makes the color “pop” or stand out to the eye and also gives the eye a place to rest from all that terrific color.

If your own style dictates a more neutral wall color palette, try orange pillows on the sofa, a bowl of oranges on the kitchen table, and of course, orange flowers in a vase. I add orange to my neutral living room every summer. It perks me up. Try it.

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