Let’s Talk About Color: Yellow

May 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

Yellow is a great color if you like sunshine — and who doesn’t. The problem with yellow is that if you end up with a hue that is too lemony, it can really make the energy in the room a bit too intense. Even agitated. But if you select a hue that has a touch of red in it, you get a wonderful golden glow.

If you have a Benjamin Moore fan deck (or you’re headed to the paint store) check out the difference between sun city (352) and traditional yellow (170). The effect on a room is huge. Although the lemon yellow looks great on the paint chip, picture your whole room in that color. Acrid comes to mind. On the other hand, the orangey lemon is warm and enveloping, like the glow from a candle. If you do decide to use a lemon on your walls, you can temper the color with lots of white and black.


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