Let’s Talk about Color: Taupe

April 26, 2007 § Leave a comment


Taupe is one of those colors that drive interior decorators crazy. It is fickle. One moment it is a wonderful neutral backdrop to rich woods, cream, and warm autumn colors. The next moment you’re seeing green. Then the next moment you’re seeing pink. Yikes!

All color is influenced and dependent upon light. From sunlight in the afternoon to incandescent bulbs at night to those awful fluorescents that we’re using more and more, the lighting in the room will change the color you actually see on your walls. That’s why the color you choose under the fluorescent lights in your paint store may not turn out to be the color you want in your home.

When you’re selecting color, the best thing to do is buy a little paint (companies are accommodating this practice by offering little pots of selected colors) and paint up a foam  core board. Then tape it to the wall in your room and observe the color at different times of the day. And on sunny and cloudy days. Is it the color you want?

This exercise is especially important with taupe. Moving out of the gray tones of taupe and into a warm camel brown (like C2 Paints’ Chai) might solve the chameleon color dilemma in your neutral room.

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