Color Combos that Excite the Palette

November 21, 2014 § 2 Comments

Like pairing a fine wine to its epicurean delicacy, some color combinations can stimulate an emotional response. Some of my leg-tingling favorites include:

The rich, regal Plum Royale 2070-20 with an icy accent of Colony Green 694 (colors from Ben Moore).



The dark luscious Dinner Party red (AF-300) with a splash of Yellowstone (202)


redyellowcombo(from House Beautiful)

And the soft, sultry gray hue (Elephant Gray 2109-50) with a pop of orange (Soft Glow 014).



It’s almost a curse to adore color as much as I do. But they love me at the paint store!

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§ 2 Responses to Color Combos that Excite the Palette

  • Aesha says:

    Your website is awesome!! I wish I had found your website when we were building our home. It would definetly have turned out much better. Now I can’t wait till we paint the house in a few years so that we can consult you and get your help in decorating the whole house!
    Best Regards

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