Vacant Home Not Selling? Stage It

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Home buyers these days have no imagination! No offense intended, but let’s just say that home buyers are not in the mood for trying to figure out how a room is intended for use. If they walk into a house with no furniture anywhere, potential buyers are likely to say, “Oh, forget it!” and move on to the next property.  Since the market is flooded with perfectly nice properties that are  furnished, selling a vacant one is risky and maybe a tad foolish. Only because there’s a reasonable solution.

Stage it.

And here’s how: If you are a seller about ready to pack up and head for your new home, hold the movers at bay for one more minute. Go through the house (with your realtor or a professional stager) and tag the furniture that will stay in the property while it’s on the market. Things like a table and chairs for the dining room — under the chandelier — and maybe the breakfast nook, a couple of comfortable chairs for the living room or family room, a sofa if possible, an area rug in decent shape, some dishes and glassware for the tables, and at least one piece of “generic” art (something that will appeal to ALL buyers, not just some). The rest of the furnishings can go!

Then at least when the potential buyers open the front door, they will see an uncluttered yet welcoming arrangement of furniture in the appropriate rooms and get the idea of where their own furnishings might go. You’re on your way to selling!!

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