Back from the Birthday

April 3, 2009 § 6 Comments

Hi Bloggers,

It must be spring as everyone has home renovation projects to get started. Lots of img_1611_11blog posts to respond to. I’ll work my way through them and will answer EVERYBODY’S  questions. If you don’t see your question posted yet, stop back again. I post them as I respond to them.

Thanks for visiting my site.

-Barbara, Your Home & Color Coachimg_1628_1

§ 6 Responses to Back from the Birthday

  • Laura says:

    Hi —

    We’re repainting my condo this year, and having a time trying to figure out what color of red to paint the front door. I love red and I love red doors, but it seems so risky to choose a color that bold. Still…

    The front of my condo building is shaded by trees and shrubs. The building itself is light grey, with dark slate grey trim.

    Any specific paint colors you’d recommend?


    • bmeglis says:

      Hi Laura,

      Sorry for the long delay! If you’re still looking for a door color, how about something on the rust side of red. Take a look at Copper Clay 2172-10 (a safe choice), but to really spice up the condo complex, check out Navajo red 2171-10. Yes, it’s a luscious dark orange, but what a cheerful color for a gray condo. Also, don’t forget a rich yellow like Semolina 2155-40. Now that’s a door color!

      If they’re too wild for you (or your neighbors), consider Cranberry cocktail 2083-20. See what you think.

      Your Home & Color Coach

  • Lindsay says:

    Barabara, I have never blogged a day in my life but Im really stumped on this whole coordinating of brick, roof, trim, shutters, etc and I want to do something soon! Can you help me? I have a two story red brick home and it just seems like everyone has the same trim and shutter color. Id like to modernize mine a bit without taking away from the charm of the house. Its a 75 year old home and the brick is highly decorative (reds, clays, khaki, browns) with a red room, white trim and black shutters. Can you give me any suggestions about trim colors and shutter colors. Oh and my door is dark wood (probably needs to be refinished to reflect a lighter shade of wood) Thank you.

    • bmeglis says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      How about using one of those brick colors for your trim. Maybe the khaki or even the clay? That would shake up the neighborhood a bit. Then you can use a darker version of that color for the shutters and move the black to the front door. (If that’s too traditional, try painting the door the same brick red — make sure it’s not too cherry). I would not do a lighter shade of wood. If you want to keep the stain, go dark. Much richer looking than the lighter version.

      Hope that helps.

      Your Home & Color Coach

  • sullivus says:

    My boyfriend and I are in the midst of a kitchen remodel that involve knocking down a load-bearing wall separating the kitchen from the pantry. In place of the wall we now have two posts on either side of the kitchen walls and a large beam running across the kitchen, essentially splitting the room in half.

    One of the posts will have cabinets running along either side. The other will post will be located near two doors and completely free from top to bottom.

    Would you recommend painting the posts and beams a different color from the walls to make them stand out? Or trying to make the post and beam blend in with the rest of the kitchen?

    I was planning on painting the walls a cream/vanilla color and the post and beams a different color (I was thinking Benjamin Moore’s gentleman’s gray). My boyfriend thinks we should try to blend it in with the rest of the kitchen.

    • bmeglis says:

      Hi sullivus,

      I would definitely accent the new architecture by painting the post and beams a different color — how about a more natural wood shade like dark chocolate brown. Or you could paint the beams the trim color but that’s too easy. I like the dark brown look myself as it resembles real wood beams.

      Your Home & Color Coach

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