Homes Follow New American Lifestyle

November 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

The path of the new American home is moving away from 50s formality and into a more practical arrangement of space that functions for today’s busy lifestyles. New construction is replacing large two-story foyers with well-appointed  “Drop Zones” for stowing gear and plugging in electronics. Formal living and dining room walls are coming down to make way for functional living, studying, and eating areas all in view from the kitchen. The bathroom soaker tub is being replaced by the steam shower. Breakfast nooks by outdoor spaces. And some homes are making way for elder parents by replacing back stairwells with elevators.

Well, it was bound to happen. How often have you used your formal dining room? It’s either too big for your family or too small for your big dinner gatherings. When was the last time you sat in your formal living room? It looks pretty perhaps but nobody sets foot in there, right? And then we have the front door with the grand entry. Perfect for that special occasion when the Queen pops by for a spot of tea…

Houses are becoming right-sized. Who can afford wasted space and even if you can afford it, who needs it! There are exceptions, of course, but builders are finding that most people are too busy to fuss with rooms and spaces that do not function for the family on a regular basis. Finally.

Here’s the link to the Wall Street Journal article for all the details… (photo by AJ Mast of the WSJ)

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