Staging a Vacant Home: Three Must-Do Items

January 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you are faced with trying to sell a vacant house, here are three staging must-do items before the open house:

1. Put a table and chairs under each dangling chandelier. Creating a dining area where there should be one will a) help your buyers see what the function of the room is; and b) protect both the chandelier and the potential buyers’ heads.

2. Highlight the selling feature of the room. This living room has a fir eplace but with no furniture, the room still looks cold. Adding a couple of simple chairs, an ottoman and a standing lamp (remember in vacant homes that there may not be adequate lighting for night showings) helps to cozy up the space and allow buyers to see themselves reading the paper by the roaring fire.

3. Warm up the kitchen. Usually the kitchen requires a de-cluttering of the counter tops, but in a vacant house, that’s not an issue. To warm up the sterile look of the bare kitchen, create a breakfast nook with a small table and two chairs. Add some placemats and napkins and just a few accessories to make the kitchen look lived-in and you’ve given buyers a kitchen they’ll remember.

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