Over the River and Through the Woods

December 23, 2008 § 2 Comments

We’re off again to visit the family in Northern New York until New Year’s. I will check the blog as often as I can get to, yes, the library to use the internet. Might as well be in Siberia — my apologies to Siberia.  But, hey, it’s home.

Have a wonderful holiday and let’s blog in 2009.

-Barbara, Your Home and Color Coach

§ 2 Responses to Over the River and Through the Woods

  • Roberta says:

    I was just reading some of your past blogs and saw the one about the chocolate baby nursery. I had a question concerning that. We have an 18 month old boy and painted his room blue (muted blue/grey) on top and tan on the bottom and there is a white chair rail going around the whole room. His bed set is blue,tan, and chocolate. Well we are expecting a little girl in May and they’ll be sharing the nursery once she is a few months old. My husband was thinking we would paint underneath the chair rail a chocolate brown color (over the tan) and then leave two walls above the chair rail blue and paint two of them pink and just go with pink and brown for her bedding etc. Do you have any recommendations about which walls to paint pink (two next to each other …or opposite). Or any different ideas about how to make it work without changing a lot more in the room? The furniture in the room is a cherry/darker brown color although I think we will get my son a white toddler bed. I can try to send a picture if that would be helpful…if you tell me how I can do that through a blog page. Thank you

    • bmeglis says:

      Hi Roberta,


      You are the second mother to ask about his/her baby/toddler rooms for boys and girls to share. My recommendation is to make the walls a color that will fit into both color schemes. I like the tan/chocolate brown idea, either with tan on the bottom and chocolate on top above the chair rail (less painting) or the opposite. Then you can use your existing bedding for your little boy (or move to another blue/chocolate/white set) and use pink/chocolate/white for your little girl. I think that would work better than painting the walls pink and blue. That would split the room in half and dictate where you put the furniture. With the walls unified, you can move the furniture around as the kids get older and not worry about having your son over on the “pink side” (although lots of boys LOVE pink…)

      Hope that works for you. And best of luck to your growing family!!

      Your Home & Color Coach

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