Mary Myers Cole: An Inspiration

December 9, 2008 § 3 Comments

Mary’s gift to her little cousin Barbie: an eye shadow kit. It was a large gray plastic case that, when opened, revealed rows and rows of fabulous rich colors and came with several little brushes, perfect for experimentation, not on eyelids but on paper, like watercolors. I was hooked. Little did I know that decades later, I would look back at that gift (which probably had been free with a purchase at the Macy’s cosmetics counter) as one of my earliest inspirations and a huge clue that I would someday work with color. Mary had no idea at the time that her gift made such an impression. But Mary always made a huge impression on everyone she encountered.

Her love of art and color and style was evident just looking at her. From her tightly coiffed hair to her beautifully manicured hands, she was a study in elegance. And she wore her refined sense of color so we could all share her joyful effervescence. Her radiant smile and eloquent words spoke kindness and love to those for whom she cared most deeply: her dear friends at The Pines on Fire Island; her friends, neighbors and colleagues in New York and the art world; and her large network of family with whom she corresponded frequently.

Words cannot express how saddened we are by news of her untimely passing. Although she left us too soon, she left the world we live in a more beautiful place. Thank you Mary.

§ 3 Responses to Mary Myers Cole: An Inspiration

  • Nancy says:

    I didn’t know about the eye shadow, but I’m not surprised. That was our Mary. Thank you for a lovely eulogy; I couldn’t have said it better—or as well.

  • bmeglis says:

    Thanks, Nancy. Mary was special to all of us. We will miss her.

  • JoAnne says:

    How vividly you paint my beloved sister. She always had an eye for the latest colors and styles. I miss our regular telephone conversations, and “I love you darling, talk to you soon.” at the end of each converation. She was so special. She was a great listener, and always had words of wisdom to share. I miss her. Thanks, Barb. Your words are comforting at this difficult time.

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