Creating a Peaceful Space

October 6, 2007 § 14 Comments

library_3.jpgSometimes you just want to relax. Whether it’s in a bedroom, a master bath, or some other special place like this library, there are times when you want to enter a room and just say Ahhhhh. When planning that relaxing space, start with the wall color. This room is Gentle Gray (Benjamin Moore) and it reads a very soft blue that is picked up in the carpet color, window shades, and pillows. To add to the earthy Zen feel yet create some warmth, we added a chocolate brown sofa and chair cushions. The texture on the sofa makes it cozy and the silk pillows add some sheen. We topped off the space with satin nickel and glass accents for some sparkle.  We kept the accessories spare to avoid visual clutter.

The big tip for creating a peaceful room is to choose colors that are soothing to you and avoid too much contrast that is jarring to the eye. Use texture to add interest instead of bright colors and you’ll have a space you can collapse into at the end of the day.

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